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Confluence Discovery Park 2030 Master Plan

2030 Maste Plan

Education has been the primary goal of the Allegheny Arboretum since its inception.


The Confluence Discovery Park 2030 Master Plan aspires to turn a degraded, industrial floodplain site with an eroding stream system into a healthy and beautiful landscape with restored streams, new ponds, riparian forests, mesic meadows and naturalized plantings. Its restored water bodies will provide beauty, habitat, learning opportunities and artful rainwater management. It’s trails, boardwalks, pavilions and visitor center will support education and exploration, as well as respite for those who visit the Indiana, Pennsylvania region. The Confluence Discovery Park will serve as an outdoor classroom and laboratory for various programs at IUP and at community schools. The Confluence Discovery Park also occupies a strategically important gateway to the university and the Indiana community. Once complete, the amenity will increase development values for adjacent properties and act as an economic stimulus to the area.


The conversion of an industrial brownfield site into a multi-use, educational facility will result in a transformational change for IUP, the Indiana community, and the region. The name Confluence Discovery Park not only reflects the educational opportunity for students to discover and learn, but will also provide people of all ages who visit the park the opportunity to discover and learn about the environment and community in which we live.

Read the full 2030 Master Plan here!

Annual Report - 2020 / 2021

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